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Features Of Dual Diagnosis Treatment.

Mental illness is a serious issue that affects most aspects of life. Substance abuse coupled with mental illness is even a bigger problem than mental illness alone. Dual diagnosis treatment can help with this problem.

The way in which treatment addresses both the addiction and mental health issues that flow along with it such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, PTSD or obsessive compulsive disorder is defined as dual diagnosis treatment. The mental health issues are also known as co-occurring disorders.
Dual diagnosis is often seen in addiction. When the co-occurring disorders are treated, there is a better chance for the person to be sober for a longer time.

The services one can get from the co-occurring disorder treatment are; addiction treatment, anxiety treatment program, depression treatment program, personality disorder, schizophrenia treatment, mood disorder treatment, and obsessive compulsive disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. There are many mental health disorders that are not listed due to the many that exist, but that should not matter to the addict as much as finding the right facility that is capable of handling them when the need arises.

It is not possible to tell between mental health disorders and addiction, which of them came first in the dual diagnosis treatment. Addiction through the abuse of drugs and other substances can cause mental health issues, while the ones with mental health issues self medicate t feel better thus causing addiction.

Individualized care should be practiced as part of the dual diagnosis treatment course. The purpose of individualized care is to address the specific and unique needs of the person suffering from addiction or mental health issues.

The unique treatment plan is designed by the professional trained staff in the center who are also the ones that execute the treatment plan.

Dual diagnosis treatment includes; use of psychotherapeutic medications, counseling on addiction that includes the family members or partners, treatment of both mental health disorders and substance abuse, therapeutic treatment that targets building of self esteem and confidence in the person, and many treatment methods and therapies focused on healing of the body, mind and soul.

Dual diagnosis treatment ensures all the mental health issues that had been missed while receiving treatment are properly addressed.

What follows is finding the appropriate treatment center to get the dual diagnosis treatment. It is essential to locate or find a center for treatment which you can fully trust to handle your needs. In finding a good treatment center, one needs to look into certain details such as if they have the professional and trained personnel, whether they have good quality service, the facilities they have and also the cost one would incur for treatment in relation to one’s budget.

If suffering from addiction and mental health issues, one should take a step and enroll into dual diagnosis treatment.

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